About Ceraffi

For over 25 years, Galian has provided fashionistas with exceptional handbags and accessories at affordable prices. We believe in creating indulgences without the high price tag, allowing every woman the opportunity to express herself through style and fashion. All of our bags are meticulously crafted from carefully selected materials with strong attention to color, textures, and details, producing items as unique as each individual that carries them.

At Galian, we are driven by both our philosophy and our inspiration. We believe that a handbag is not merely an accessory or necessity, but rather, an extension of one’s individuality. Each bag tells a story that represents the individual and accentuates their personality. Not only are our bags designed to compliment one’s outfit, they are crafted to emphasize true personal colors and make a statement about who each woman is.

Rather than being dictated by fashion trends, we are motivated by a woman’s essence and sense of self. Galian has witnessed the need for an individual to stand out, and we are constantly inspired by the passion and craving for self-expression. People are our inspiration and all of our designs are fashioned with our customers in mind.

As an ending note, we at Galian would like to mention that behind every great brand, there are great people who make them. With this in mind, we would like to provide our customers with great products made by great people.

About Galian
Although the success of a corporation isn’t determined by its age, we are proud to state that Galian has been growing in the heart of NYC’s fashion industry for the past quarter of a century. Every year, the world’s top designers hold their debut of collections, runways and open new fashion paradigm. And each time they do, Galian has been there to witness the passion and cravings for fashion that fashionistas from all around the globe have flocked to see. Galian has witnessed the need of an individual to stand out as being unique and has been recognized as a fashion handbag company who meets those specific needs.

Throughout the years, Galian has provided fashionistas with cutting edge style handbags which boasts of excellence in quality and affordability, thus creating what Galian likes to call, “affordable fashion luxury.” At the same time, we pay attention to details by carefully creating and selecting our own materials.

Galian has been providing for familiar name brands such as ALDO, Steve Madden, Ashley Stewards and Buckle and has been sold in highly reputable Boutique stores located in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Galian has been recognized for its quality and craftsmanship and is continuously growing toward excellence.

About Galian & Rodem
Galian is the name of a treasure ship that carried priceless treasures in the Middle Ages. In today’s world, Galian wants to be like the treasure ship of the past and deliver priceless jewels to the fashion world. Galian is a brand line own by it's parent company, Rodem, Inc. Rodem, Inc is a premier multi-line company that is the permanent home for many accessory lines which include handbags and accessories.
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